By Biljana Bia

Sometimes we don’t really know who we are until we experience the full impact of something extraordinary; Something that shakes us deep to our core, so hard, that nothing, but the bare essence of who we truly are, is left! …And then we begin; Anew. That, is Remarkable!


This topic is the reason I started this blog.

After my decade-long personal struggle with infertility, I felt called to help others navigate through the emotional struggles of this life-altering condition. It was very hard to open up about it, but sharing what I learned while on my long path to reaching motherhood has helped women in more ways than I can even take credit for. Now, five years into motherhood, I decided to finally start this blog and help as many women struggling with infertility as would like to reach out to me. I’m here for you!

This was not an easy decision to make. I struggled with this decision because I didn’t want to feel exposed; I wanted to put this experience behind me. …Then I realized, this is no longer about me at all! It’s about how my experience and the lessons I learned along the way can help you, now!


I’m Bia

I’m a mother, entrepreneur, creator, infertility mentor, and a devotee to all things productivity. I am here to help you bring your best version forward!


What I Offer

Infertility Mentorship

I know what it’s like to go through infertility and feel like an outsider in your own circle of family and friends. So, once a month, I offer FREE virtual one-to-one or small group mentorship to help you navigate the emotional roller coaster that is infertility!  

The Motherhood Circle

When I finally had my baby (11 years later), no matter how much I wanted to believe my infertility was behind me, it wasn’t. Post infertility motherhood simply feels different. So, once a month, I offer FREE virtual small group discussions on all things post-infertility motherhood.

On Productivity

Personal development has always been very important to me. Perhaps this is one of the major reasons I was able to pull myself out of the deep dark hole of infertility I kept digging for years. I share what I learned over the years, on my blog, so be sure to check it out. I will be adding new content weekly. 

Bia TV

When I decided I was finally ready to answer my calling and open up about my infertility, talking about it in a way that may help someone seemed like a good place to start. I started by talking to friends, of friends, of friends who were experiencing infertility at the time. To my surprise this came so easily to me – it felt natural. Women I talked to noted changes in their attitude toward infertility. I started seeing sparks of hope in their eyes. If I could inspire this kind of hope in the eyes of a handful of women, why not spread this hope onto countless number of women experiencing infertility? This is how Bia TV came about! Here you will find several videos on the emotional struggles with infertility and recommendations I make based strictly on my personal experience with infertility.

What I Do

Inspire women to bring their best version forward.

Easy as 1,2,3

How It Works

Reach Out – Get Inspired – Initiate Change

Looking back on my infertility experience and the way everything unfolded for me, I can’t help but think of the transforming, life-altering effects infertility has had and continues to have on my life. Nothing comes close to truly describing what years of emotional pain, grief over losing something I never had, and the unbelievable emotional growth, all feel like. Except… Remarkable!

Welcome to my Remarkable! Look around and if you feel in alignment with what you find here, I invite you to join my blog, read my eBook, reach out to me, or do all three!

Remarkable eBook

In this eBook you will read about the affect infertility has on your personal, spiritual, professional, and social area of life. I share how infertility has affected my life in each of the four areas and what I did about it. And finally, I offer simple and very effective exercises you can start today to begin shifting your mindset from experiencing infertility to a mindset of being in! fertility.

Remarkable Blog

There are four topics I write about:

  • Infertility :: The emotional challenges of infertility based on my personal experience and everything I have learned through tears and laughs, mistakes and wins equally made.
  • Motherhood :: Becoming a mother after a long struggle with infertility has its own set of benefits as well as challenges that need to be brought up to the surface and talked about. I write about this topic because no matter how much I want to be able to say: “I’m done with infertility!” the truth is it has shaped my outlook on things in many areas of my life, including motherhood. Post-infertility motherhood is different from no-infertility motherhood.
  • Productivity :: My interest in personal development has led me to a passion for all things productive. Over the years I have tried, dumped, slacked on, re-started, stocked with, and simply played with, many different methods and frameworks of productivity. I share some of my findings and tips that can help you as well.
  • Life :: At times there are things I feel deeply about and I chose to offer my angle on a topic that does not fall in one of the three topics above. These are relevant, valuable, interesting, funny and/or fun moments I write about to inspire, teach, show, and most importantly, learn from.
Bia's Journal

These are inspirational short reads I send to your inbox (if you so choose), biweekly and sometimes weekly. They are intended to serve you as small reminders on your remarkable life journey.

Bia TV

Currently, this YouTube channel consists of several videos on how to go about navigating the emotional roller coaster of infertility. I make recommendations based solely on my personal experience.

 Your Best Version Forward!

Part I

Dear Life,
What have I done to you?
Where have I met you uninvited?
To send me on a quest so steep
to challenge me with choices far too deep?
I am only me.
That is all I know how to be.
You seem to have confused me, see?…
With someone much stronger,
and much more filled with glee, 
to walk this path of infertility.
That’s not me!…

Part II
My darling bee,
quit that meek sounding plea!
I don’t know how is it
that you cannot see,
hope delivered you to me –
and hope is for the strong
as strong can be.
You have walked this path
by the miles in thousands,
you have pushed
and kicked and shouted!
But darling, oh darling child,
for a moment in time
will you let me lead?
Take a step back
and begin to breathe.
You have been heard
and your cry has been answered.
But to see it,
and to get to it,
you must let go.
Make way for your answer to show. 

You owe me that much
To see me through happiness and such.
You have wracked my world! 
In an endless spiral,
you pushed–I twirled…
Now it’s your turn
to see me through!
To pick me up
when I feel blue!
You have taken a lot!
Yet with all your misery,
I let you be…
And still in the end,
grateful is what I seem to be!
Because infertility!
I will not let you rule my reality!! 

From Bia’s Journal

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