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I am Bia. I am here to help you

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I was where you are today! In a disappointed, exhausted, maybe angry, even skeptical and panicky mindset. But today I can say without hesitation that I no longer walk down the infertility path. Instead, I walk my path in-fertility.

The topic of infertility is something very close to my heart as I have experienced it for 11 years. I have learned a great deal along the way and I want to share my knowledge and resources to help you along the way, as well. I believe knowing your one truth and using it as a center to coordinate everything in your life around it, including your fertility journey, is the key to overcoming the emotional struggles with infertility and building a fulfilled life. PERIOD!

So I want to ask you:

What if you let go of all your feelings of irritation, frustration, anger and guilt around infertility?

What if I can show you new inspiration, develop a plan to redirect your emotions and uncover what’s beyond the incredible path you can be on?

Would you follow me? Would you take my hand and take the first step to a better way of navigating through your fertility journey?

great!  let’s go!


Your Fertile Mind

The program that will provide you with the environment and the tools you need to overcome the emotional struggles with infertility and begin living fulfilled in all areas of life! Mastering this will lead you to restore your faith in you and build a much more productive mindset around your fertility journey.



Just the right amount of time to ensure you learn and absorb the information covered so you can implement it in your life starting with your fertility journey.


Each designed to work according to your pace. Packed with simple yet powerful information to help you navigate through your fertility journey and beyond.


To ensure you are on the right track, to answer any questions you may have along the way, and to guide you through the process in a personalized way. 

Bia's Personal Values

We are all about much more than bullet points on a page, but in a nutshell, this is what I stand for. This is what I believe in:

Because it gives me a new perspective and opens new possibilities.

Because it’s a good way to stay humble and be non-judgemental.

Well, because it’s so simple and a stressless way to live.

Because it strengthens all my relationships and it just feels good.

Because it gives me direction and fulfillment in everything I do.

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Bia’s Vision for You

A Fertile Mind

This is the beginning of a different kind of journey I will take you on, so together we can walk forward in strength and passion for what matters most to us as individuals and also as part of a community of experience-bound women.

By sharing what I have learned on my path to fertility, through wins and mistakes equally made, you will be able to approach infertility from a much more stressless angle.

Here,  you are a part of a community where you connect, experience, share, learn, and simply feel at home among experience-bound, like-minded women who understand your pain, welcome your determination to initiate change with purpose and move beyond the emotional struggles with infertility!

I strongly believe in the power of acting according to your one truth by offering fundamental concepts driven by knowledge and experience to instigate action. The Fertile Mind Program is designed to get you there. 

After working with me

This is What They Said

Bia helped me understand there is a better way to go through infertility. A way where I don’t have to feel like I was broken or something was wrong with me. Her ability to listen and provide guidance is truly amazing! The type of resources she provides for this journey is not something I could find with my doctors. Her real-life experience makes her outside of the box thinker. Fast forward 8 months later, my husband and I are now much better prepared for our next infertility treatment! Thank you, Bia.

Ema, Chicago US

I’ve been going through infertility for over four years. One operation and countless tests and procedures later I felt like I had lost control of my body and my fertility journey. It is so easy to get caught up in everything you need to do and Bia helped me to pause. Her kind, knowledgeable and sensitive support helped me to discover an alternative way to bring meaning to my life and to deal with the emotional side of infertility. I’ve joined her membership site and the resources and support are brilliant, it has helped me to get back in control of what happens to me, my body and my life. I would highly recommend connecting with Bia and benefiting from her experience and support”

Helen, London UK

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