The Case for the Power of Gratitude

The Case for the Power of Gratitude

The implied power of gratitude

Among the first few words of advice we hear regarding the power of gratitude is to develop some form of a habit that accounts for gratitude. There are many examples of what you could do to develop this habit, how to go about doing it, and even why the power of gratitude can change our outlook on life in general; Potentially improve our personal circumstances. This is all very good and it does make a lot of sense.

However, pass the research references and statistics offered on the power of gratitude, and all the reasons why we should develop a habit of expressing gratitude daily, gratitude is not something I look at as a checklist point. A dot on a page of my planner to be marked complete because research suggests it will enrich my life and make things move in the direction I desire — whatever that direction may be.

I have great appreciation for all the instructional advice on gratitude out there. And although I am completely on board with what the research suggests, I do believe gratitude is more than a habit we start. A habit based on an implied resonance that expressing gratitude will lead to the type of success and personal betterment we are looking for.

The actual power of gratitude

Gratitude doesn’t work like a task. The power of gratitude is much deeper. And to work, it needs to be felt on a very deep level. Otherwise, it becomes a fun exercise for a while, until we fall off the wagon… Just because I say or write down that I’m grateful for my cup of coffee today doesn’t really “activate” the power of gratitude. It’s not about saying or writing down I am grateful for something and then move on to the next thing on my check list. This is part of the reason some people start a “gratitude habit”, track it for a while in their planner or Bullet Journal then notice at the and of the tracking period they weren’t consistent.

When we treat gratitude as a task to be tracked we are not experiencing gratitude; We’re simply executing a task. Gratitude is not a task on my todo list. Gratitude is a lifestyle, a mindset. You don’t execute gratitude because you can’t execute feelings.

So, instead of giving you instructions on how you should go about introducing gratitude in your own life, I would like to invite you to take a moment to pause and think about gratitude in terms of your essence. Don’t worry about what you should say or write, or what time during the day you should “show” gratitude. Think about who you are in your gratitude and how the energy of your gratitude feels. Gratitude is to be experienced seamlessly all throughout the day!

So, the question is: How do you experience gratitude?

How I experience gratitude…

I wrote the paragraph below in a moment of deep connection to my gratitude answering the the question of how do I experience gratitude. In other words, I set down to write this because I felt a deep down force-like need to put these words in front of me. I let the words simply flow through me without questioning or intentionally placing, omitting words, or re-wording anything. And precisely within these words is the power of this seemingly random act of putting words on paper. It is how I experience gratitude on a very deep level regardless of what I’m grateful for at any given time throughout the day. I express gratitude sometimes couple of times a day, other times multiple times a day – I do not track how many times. It’s the feeling I’m after, not the expression itself.


How it may help you…

I am sharing it in this blog post simply because I hope it will spark a bit of inspiration to get you thinking what gratitude is to you, what it could do for you, and how you may use it in your life. This will be different for you than it is for me. Use it as an example, then connect with your own essence to find out what your gratitude is about and how you need to carry it forward in your life. So here goes mine:

Gratitude has captured my heart. Finally I understand. Finally I see. As time has given me the ability to take what I have consumed and process and see and truly come to my own realization that gratitude can build someone from the inside out. Gratitude can rebuild a person from completely unhappy and always unsettled to simply focused, strong, firm, actionable, content, confidant, kind, better. Gratitude unites and reunites all parts of a person’s being. It takes what a person has and works from the center out, from inside out, from the bottom up. It’s the most amazing thing. The most valuable transformation. Greatness and love become one so a person becomes so amazingly calm and unbothered by small trivial events and instances. As I realize this a ray of love and sunshine comes through me, consumes me and it is at that moment happiness settles in me forever.