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The topic of infertility is something very close to my heart as I have experienced it for 11 years. I have learned a great deal along the way. I learned how important it was to address the emotional struggles infertility tossed at me. It took me a very long time to acknowledge my emotional struggles with infertility, but once I did I was able to open up to the healing process.

The types of resources I needed at the time were very limited, non-existent even. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I put myself on a quest to find a better way of being and doing while on my fertility journey – a journey that proved to stand in the way of living life the way I had imagined, the way I knew I could: fulfilled. So what started as a way to distract me from thinking, walking, eating, sleeping, breathing infertility day in and day out, turned into the best decision I have made for myself at the time. I had decided to initiate change in my life with the purpose of finding a way in a no way situation. That lead me to discover my One Truth and re-build my life based on that truth. I began affecting my infertility instead of being affected by infertility.

It was a lot of hard work. Many trials and errors. Wins and falls equally made. But I had to stick with it because there was no one else who understood what I needed. No one knew how to help me on my fertility journey emotionally. So I started carving my own way, my own strategy for digging myself out of the deep, dark hole that was infertility. I reclaimed my emotional well being.  I did it and now I wanna help you do it, too!

 I believe knowing your one truth and using it to center everything in your life around it, is the key to building a fulfilled life while on your fertility journey and beyond.

My mission is to provide you with the information
and tools you need to help you choose
who you wanna be on your fertility journey, and beyond.

I am here to:


By initiating change within yourself that leads to change in your circumstances one small step at a time.


Methods and tools I have personally created, used and found instrumental during and after infertility.


By sharing and learning in a non-judgmental, safe environment of experience-bound women.

Fertility  Inspirational Speaker

I choose to share my personal infertility experience with you because of the way everything unfolded for me and the lessons I have learned through tears and laughs. What I love about the work I do is not so much the experience that I share, but observing what sharing my experience does for women and couples currently experiencing infertility.


Following your heart, as sweet and freeing and romantic as it may sound, without hard work it lacks context. To that extent, hard work doesn’t mean becoming physically or mentally overwhelmed. It means constant, consistent, substantial, tangible actions. That is how healing takes place.

– Biljana Bia

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