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I’m Bia. I look forward to hearing from you.

I’m a mother, entrepreneur, creator, infertility mentor, and a devotee to all things productivity. Intermingling between the creative and the analytical spheres, both personally and professionally, has led me to people, things, places, and circumstances bringing my best version forward! Now, I am here to help you bring your best version forward! The choice is yours.


You May Wonder…

Why I didn't talk about infertility while going through it?

Going through infertility was, and still is, the biggest challenge I have experienced in my life. Still, I feel blessed because – as emotionally draining, internally excruciatingly painful as infertility is with all its wrath – it has altered my life, but never threatened my life. I didn’t talk about it while going through it because I simply didn’t want to give it more power than it was already claiming from me! Even more importantly, I felt ashamed, broken, alone. I never knew I was capable of feeling any of these emotions until I was face-to-face with infertility. Lastly, when I was going through it there weren’t social media “support” groups and “online courses” on how to deal with infertility. Even now, at times these so called resources can feel superficial, distant, and dysfunctional even! I hope to remedy that stigma around some of what’s out there regarding this topic by creating a safe place for you right here, right now!

What inspires me?

My child inspires me! Every day! The fact that I got pregnant, after I was repeatedly told my chances for conceiving a child were pretty much zero to none, inspires me!!

A woman struggling with infertility discovering motherhood for the first time, inspires me!

People doing work that makes a difference in some shape or form, inspires me!

Learning inspires me! Trying new ways of being, inspires me!

My morning routine inspires me!

Also, my first (and only) cup of coffee in the morning inspires me! Oh, how it inspires me!! 🙂 


What made me get into productivity?

I have always been drawn to the why of everything. If I can’t give myself a meaningful answer to why I’m doing something, shortly into it (whatever it is) I start loosing interest. Productivity as a concept offered enough of a framework to give me direction, but at the same time, enough flexibility to not constrain me to a specific structure of doing things. I truly believe not every productivity idea or technique will work for every person. There are countless “how to” on productivity out there and there are some I find very effective! There are many I find ineffective and borderline gimmicky. One productivity related system I have found that I keep coming back to is called Bullet Journaling. It is currently what I use to capture and maintain the level of productivity I need at this time in my life.

How I operate?

There are five principles I operate by. They get to be reviewed and tweaked as I continue to grow in life, but the core of each one stays nonnegotiable. So here they are in no particular order of importance. Each is as important as the one preceding and the one succeeding it.

Remain authentic in every area of my life.

Make important decisions after reconsidering all known information.

Embrace fairness, honesty, truth. Let integrity always prevail.

Approach new ideas with creativity, but commit only to ideas that are meaningful and withstand the test of reason and common sense.

Seek truth in all I do and use it to learn and grow.

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