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It’s how we roll


Learn how to reclaim your emotional well-being by applying the principles from The Fertile Mind Program in real-life situations. In essence, navigate through the emotional roller-coaster of infertility in a much healthier and much more productive way.


You will move in a structured, but self-paced manner. Also, you will have the option to join a private Facebook group to be a part of a community of experience-bound women and be able to share and learn together even after the 6 weeks. 


The program is consisted of 4 workshops, to be completed within 4 weeks, and 2 live sessions to be attended. The remaining 2 weeks are designated for applying the principles learned during the 4 weeks to real life situations.

In addition, there are 4 workbooks that go with each of the workshops. These workbooks are where the “magic” happens. However, I designed each one of the workbooks so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Instead, you feel relaxed, work at your own pace, and if you have any questions along the way, you are welcome to ask.

There is a lot of material included in the program, but don’t worry, I have designed it in a way that is simple to consume, but powerful when applied. And it is specifically designed and targeted to work within the 6 weeks time.


Everything you learn during the program you will be able to apply to your fertility journey right away. At the end of the program, you will have a plan of action you can refer to as needed, long after the 6 weeks. 



Wanna Take a Peek?

If you would like get a better idea of how the program works feel free to help yourself to a little sample piece right here…

The Who | the Why

Feel like it’s time to make a change on your fertility journey, but don’t know how?

At one point or another, we all feel like we need to get things “under control”. Every now and then we all have felt like we need to reassess, refresh, start anew, turn the page. But more times than not we recognize that and we go back to our old ways.

It’s not because we are not strong enough, or not good enough, or because we have fallen victim to our circumstances.

It’s because we haven’t set a good foundation from which we can operate and begin making the change we want to make.

It is because we haven’t established the purpose of the change we want to make.

Who Is Fertile Mind For?

Your fertility journey is overwhelming

My first sign of overwhelm manifested at the very beginning of my fertility journey-when I was told I was a no go case. Literally, no regard for my emotions as a human being. No exploring possibilities. I was treated as another clinical case. So from the get-go I knew this was going to kill me or make me stronger; And it was killing me until I chose to find a way to make me stronger! And I did! Fertile Mind is the result of my years of trial and error.

You can't find joy in social settings

The one thing I regret most from my fertility journey is the time I more or less built up a wall and kept everyone out. At times that included my husband. There weren’t many resources I could lean on at the time for support so I let myself fall into that trap oh so well known to many of you and that is the avoidance of family, friends, or people really… There is definitely a better way I would love to show you!

Comments are triggers that make you cry

I remember times when I couldn’t wait to come home to simply cry my eyes out because of something someone said that may or may not have been directed at me but triggered such strong emotional pain inside that would be there for days. I found a much better way to navigate and respond to these triggers!

You Resent Mothers or Mothers to be?

When any of my friends or family members were expecting I felt hurt, disappointed with my own struggle, envious of their body’s ability to do its job! And then… I would feel guilty for feeling this way, and guilty for feeling guilty for feeling this way… A spiral that was pulling me deeper and deeper into sadness and withdrawal. Yes, you guessed it. There is a better way!

You can't stand people's questions

Ahhh… The questions. The never ending questions! People poking into your wound making it bleed more and more. Their attempts to be helpful making you feel even less of a woman than you already feel. Your internal and unexpressed frustration and anger aimed at them. Still, there is a better way!

You wanna talk to someone, but who?

I remember how painful it became holding all of it inside and not being able to talk to anyone. Anyone who would understand what I was going through. Because even though for most everything I would turn to my friends and family, this was different. They couldn’t help me. In fact, I felt more stressed talking to them because they simply didn’t and couldn’t understand. Nobody could! I was alone on my journey. So I know how you feel, but now, I have a better way of being and seeing the fertility journey.

You just feel spent and empty

Yes, my fertility journey made me feel empty inside. For a while there I felt like I’ve lost the part of me that was responsible for my happiness, my liveliness, my joy. Before my infertility, I was a fun loving, funny and optimistic people person. I lost sight of that person and for a while, I didn’t even know how to begin tracing back her tracks. But I did, and I re-claimed her presence within me! Yes, because I found that better way!

You believe nothing is working

I felt like nothing worked for me. And the longer I kept finding myself on this journey the more convinced I became that my biggest fear was about to become my ugliest reality. Not having children felt like the biggest punishment from the above. Until I discovered my one truth about my fertility journey. Yes, it’s a better way!

You feel like you have lost your faith

I believed I had lost my faith. I questioned everything about my faith. I blamed the higher power above for preventing me to have children. I was angry at it. I was confused about its motives. Until I realized faith is not something that can be lost – only found. That cleared the dust so I could pave the way to a better day. Yes, there is a better way! Give me your hand and let’s take the first step to your life coordinated.

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